Novice show:


A novice show is a bodybuilding and fitness show for athletes who has never competed.  Athletes who placed 4th, 5th and 6th in a Novice show, may remain a novice for one more year DIRECTLY AFTER the first year they competed.  Regardless of the athlete’s placing during this year, he/she will have to move on to Provincial level.


If an athlete places 1st, 2nd or 3rd during the Novice show and the athlete enters any other competition during that year where he/she doesn’t enter as a ‘novice’ – their novice status are forfeit.  Also if an athlete decide to go to a different division – let’s say from juniors to senior men or from senior men to masters – he is NOT regarded as a novice athlete anymore.


If an athlete has never entered any BBSA/IFBB competition before and they choose NOT to enter the novice competition first, but to enter any provincial competition first – he/she may NOT go ‘back’ and enter any novice competition.  He/she will then be redeemed as an ‘experienced’ athlete.

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